Privacy Statement
Updated 10-18-07

MomentCatcher Productions does not sell, give or lend your personal data to any other organization or person.

Legal Notice & Liability
Updated 10-19-05 and MomentCatcher Productions is limited to the liabilities outlined on this page. and MomentCatcherProductions will hereafter be referred to as "Us" or "We". The potential or actual consumer will be referred to as "you" hereafter.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged materials. We are not responsible for determining copyrights to video we receive. Upon discovery of copyrighted materials, the materials will promptly be returned at your expense. The packing & shipping charges to send video tapes & other materials to us is the responsibility of the customer. We will not reimburse shipping or packing costs, unless stated specifically in a package or promotion offered by us.

We are responsible for the timely creation and completion of the video package requested by each customer. Any product manufactured by us proven to be defective will be replaced with a product of equal or better quality at no additional cost to the customer. We guarantee customers will receive all items of their package as requested with said discounts and pricing of that package. We do not guarantee shipping delivery times.

We are responsible for the packing of the completed product and original video materials to be returned to the customer. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

We recommend packing all materials securely and compactly. Bubble wrap, newspaper or other cushion is recommended to prevent damage to the contents of the package. It is recommended to make duplicates of any "priceless" video which cannot be replaced in case of loss or damage. We suggest that any "priceless" video shipped for services should require a signature or other confirmation of delivery.

Transfer from VHS, 8mm, MiniDV, Hi8, VHS-C, Super 8, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm slides, photos, negatives or other media to DVD does not guarantee DVD quality video. Video transferred from a source other than digital video (DV) will result in a DVD only as good in quality as the original source. Pictures or video transferred to DVD from analog sources MAY be of better quality than the source, however, not guaranteed. Transfer from an analog media source should be considered a way to preserve the existing quality. Once analog material has been converted, no further degradation will occur. Any defects or noticeable issues with any materials received by us will be reported to you immediately, before any work is done. With your approval, less-than-adequate materials may be used to create the best possible video, however, we do not make any guarantees on the quality of the final product of less than adequate source materials.

Movie film (Super 8, 16mm and Regular 8) is a video format used for most of the last century. At MomentCatcher Productions we do our best to carefully handle and process movie film reels to the best of our ability. Due to the nature of this media, we do not guarantee the end quality of this type of transfer. Furthermore, because this media becomes deteriorated, brittle or broken, we take no responsibility for any deterioration, poor capture or destruction of any reel sent for processing. Reels seen to be excessively old, damaged, broken, brittle or in some other way less-than-usable will result in the immediate contact of the customer to confirm processing of problematic reels should commence. By submitting any reels for processing, all customers understand and accept that we provide no guarantees on the completion of deteriorated reels as specified above. MomentCatcher Productions will determine the quality and usefulness of each reel on an individual basis. We take no responsibility for damage caused to reels due to deterioration as described above, or damage caused by processing the materials. All reels are inspected upon arrival, and any issues regarding quality will be reported to the customer before processing begins. If any damage occurs during processing, we will attempt to repair the damage by any means we have available at that time. Generally, repairing reels consists of creating two new straight cuts between the two broken film strips and splicing them back together. We are not responsible for producing accurate frame rate conversion of film created by manually turned movie film cameras.

Defective products are as follows: Any product created and sold by MomentCatcher Productions and/or that shows obvious flaws in workmanship will be replaced at our expense. Any video or DVD which does not play on a home DVD player of the buyer will be replaced with a functional copy at our expense unless it is determined that the home DVD player will not accept any burned DVD format. Each DVD player is unique to its ability to play certain types of DVD's. Each DVD created by MomentCatcher Productions will be customized to the customer's DVD specifications. MomentCatcher Productions makes no guarantee that a DVD created for one player will play on another. Multiple DVD's may be created on different media for different players at the request of the customer. Specific make and model numbers will be required for each DVD player.

All customers are given a 30 day guarantee on all products created and sold by MomentCatcher Productions and/or All problems and claims must be communicated to a MomentCatcher Productions representative via mail or email within 30 days of the date upon receiving their video.

Digital images, meaning the files used to create your DVD's are stored for NO LESS than 7 days and normally NO MORE than 14 days. Any requests for copies or "adjustments" to your DVD or other transfer MUST be emailed within the 14 days after receiving your completed products.

Return Policy on Supplies: Nondefective products in new condition may be returned for a refund minus the original postage and a 20% to 30% restocking fee. All returned products must be recieved by us in new condition. We recommend careful packing of your return items. We are not responsible for items damaged during shipping. BULK (FREE SHIPPING) ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE.