Do you have reel-to-reel audio tapes but no tape deck to play them?  Would you like your tapes converted to a convenient digital format so you can play then in your car or phone?  If so then MomentCatcher Productions can place your recordings on an easy to use CD or USB drive.  Our service also includes sound restoration.  Hiss reduction is even provided at no additional charge. 

We can do almost any sound format; wav, mp3, wma and many more.

Hum removal and editing is no problem either.  A quote can be provided after your recordings are digitized so you know the exact price before you the work is started.  Most extraneous noises can be eliminated or greatly reduced for under $40 for an hour long recording.



How Audio Tapes are Transferred

TAPE ARRIVAL - Your package arrives, is opened and inspected for surface/material damage.  We then contact you via e-mail or phone (whichever you prefer) to let you know that your tapes arrived in good order!

THE TRANSFER - Your tapes are transferred using a DIRECT to DIGITAL transfer process.  Of course we add leader to both ends for no additional charge.  Once digitized they are ready for restoration or shipment back to you. 

RESTORATION - MomentCatcher Productions will take your transferred tapes and restore them to remove distracting hiss, hum, low/high volume and other annoying characteristics.    

After your tapes have been digitized, before we do any authoring, we email a sample to make sure you are satisfied.  Only after you are satisfied do we consider our work done. 

FINISHED PRODUCT  We return all your original materials with your newly produced digitized audio tracks.  We maintain master files of your production for about a week, allowing you a chance to make sure no additional copies will be needed.  We guarantee all of our work to your satisfaction.