Hi, my name is Lisa and I am the owner and artist behind MomentCatcher Productions.

What started as a passion for photos and film has grown into a business where I have the pleasure of creating art for others as I have done for my friends and family for years.

It all started when I planned a special surprise for my grandmother's 90th birthday. How do you celebrate such an important milestone?  What do you get or do for someone who has lived 90 years?

This was BIG and it needed to be something really specialIt had to celebrate her life and all that she had accomplished and experienced. It needed to reflect our love for her and just want she has meant to all her friends and family. It needed to be something that everyone in the family would enjoy and treasure not just my grandma. So I decided to make a video with everyone in it.

Family and friends that had camcorders shot video of themselves wishing her a"Happy Birthday".  They reminisced, spoke of special moments and events they recalled.  That initself was a family treasureAnd folks who didn't have video, well, they sent pictures of themselves and we recorded their message over the phone and over laid that with their pictures and music.  Using artistic transitions and adding movement through panning and cropping it made everything flow together beautifully.

The end result was spectacular!  And it was a huge surprise to my grandma.  I got so many comments on it that my husband and I thought, well perhaps we can do this for other families and there is where our business began.

Now years later having invested in only the best state-of-the-art film transfer equipment and the best hardware, software and broadcast tools of the trade we make other families' memories into a big production. When you choose MomentCatcher Productions you have our hearts and talents dedicated to remembering your grandmother or other special person or event in your life. We know what this meant to us and we want to preserve your memories for you and your future generations.

I live near Fort Worth, Texas and if you are in the local area, please call for an appointment to come by the studio and let's discuss what you would like to do. If you are not local, email or call and we can take care of everything through FedEx, email and over the phone.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. I hope it has been enjoyable and informative and that I can be of service to you and your loved ones.

Lisa Harrison Owner/Digital Artist